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Helpful Security Tips For Overnight Parking With A Car Hauler

If you are planning a long distance move using a rented car hauler, you are probably concerned about the security of the trailer and its contents when you make necessary stops along the way, particularly at night—and rightly so. A professional car racing team was forced to withdraw from a race after the race car was stolen from a hotel parking lot overnight. If it can happen to a professional racing crew (with plenty of experience in overnight parking of car haulers) it can happen to you too. Read More 

New Truck Drivers: 2 Questions To Help You Decide Whether You Need A Sliding Fifth Wheel

Are you fresh out of truck driving school and ready to become the owner/operator of your very own truck? If you're shopping for your first used truck, one of the decisions you'll need to make is whether to invest in a rig with a sliding fifth wheel or save a little money by opting for one with a stationary fifth wheel. Here are two important questions to help guide toward the answer. Read More 

2 Common Car Problems That New Drivers Need To Know About

So you've just passed your driving test? Great! You've just taken a huge step towards achieving personal independence. However, unfortunately, the learning doesn't stop once you've got your license. Rather, it's important to understand how your car works and be able to detect faults as and when they arise. Cars can have a vast number of mechanical faults, but to get you started, below are two of the most common mechanical faults and how to detect them: Read More 

6 Reasons to Choose a Class B RV Over a College Dorm Room

Moving away for college comes with a lot of decisions. The typical route involves moving into a campus dorm room, but you are open to plenty of alternative options. One of these options is a Class B RV. Essentially a camper van, these RVs can be parked in standard student spots and have essentially the same amenities as a dorm room. As you weigh your options, learn about six benefits to choosing a Class B RV over a dorm room. Read More 

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