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Toe Wear: Did Your Tires Wear Down Too Quickly?

If the inner or outer edges of your new front tires look worn or smooth, ask a tire repair technician to check your tires for toe wear. Toe wear occurs when a tire's inner or outer tread prematurely wears down. Toe wear can damage your car over time. Learn more about toe wear and how to repair your tires below. 

What Exactly Is Toe Wear?

If you changed your tires in the past six years or so, you may not expect them to wear down so quickly. Most tires can last six to 10 years before drivers need to change them. However, bad weather conditions, rough roads, and even automotive problems can wear down the tread on your tires before their time. Your tires could quickly develop a problem called toe wear.

Toe wear occurs when tires lose some or most of their inner or outer tread. The tread may look and feel smooth to the touch. The wires inside a tire's rubber may also poke out of it over time. 

As mentioned above, a number of things can wear down your tires. Driving on hot or rough pavement can break down the inner or outer edges of your tires. Your tires' tread can also wear down prematurely if the wheels on your car become misaligned. Misalignment causes your car to unexpectedly pull or move to the side when you drive on the road. The movement can create enough stress or pressure on your tires until they wear down. 

You don't want to continue driving your car until you repair the damage to your tires. Cars with low tread can slip or slide on the road. The best way to stay safe on the road is to take your car to a tire repair technician today. 

How Do You Fix and Prevent Toe Wear?

A technician will examine all four tires to see if they suffer from toe wear. If all of your tires show signs of toe wear, your car may have a suspension problem to repair. The suspension on your car may be severely compromised or damaged. A technician will also change out all of your tires for you. 

If only the front tires on your car show signs of toe wear, a technician may only need to realign your front wheels. A technician can replace the tires for you afterward. After a technician takes care of your tires, they may offer tips on how to keep your tires in good shape. The tips may include rotating your tires regularly and checking your wheels for misalignment throughout the year. 

Learn more about toe wear by consulting a company such as Wheel And Rim Repair.

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