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Helpful Security Tips For Overnight Parking With A Car Hauler

If you are planning a long distance move using a rented car hauler, you are probably concerned about the security of the trailer and its contents when you make necessary stops along the way, particularly at night—and rightly so. A professional car racing team was forced to withdraw from a race after the race car was stolen from a hotel parking lot overnight. If it can happen to a professional racing crew (with plenty of experience in overnight parking of car haulers) it can happen to you too. Here's what you can do to reduce your risks.

Rent an Enclosed Car Hauling Trailer & Use an Alarmed Padlock

Instead of renting a flatbed trailer, consider renting an enclosed car hauler instead. With an enclosed trailer, you'll be able to put a padlock on the door, which will help reduce the risks of someone taking the car. Enclosed trailers with padlocks, obviously, are more secure than open trailers with no ability to secure the vehicle in the trailer. Keep in mind, however, that padlocks can be cut with bolt-cutters, so it's a good idea to have an alarmed padlock. This is a special type of padlock that sounds an alarm when it detects that someone is attempting to cut the lock. You can find this type of padlock at a major online retailer or through a local locksmith.

Features to Look for in a Parking Lot

It's important to understand that using an enclosed trailer and a padlock will only help prevent theft of the car from the trailer. You also have to be concerned about preventing theft of the trailer itself. Knowledgeable criminals can dismantle towing packages quickly, but they may not take the risk of doing so if it will be easy for them to get caught. Of course, an ideal parking lot for your overnight parking needs would have a security guard on the premises, but that's not very likely in many parts of the country.

When you make hotel reservations, be sure to ask if there is ample lighting in the parking lot area that is designated for trailers and other long vehicles. Better yet, see if you would be able to park directly outside of an exterior door to your room so you can keep a watchful eye (and ear) on your vehicle and trailer. Also, ask whether or not they have security cameras and if the cameras are operable and record video, just in case.

Install GPS Tracking Devices in the Trailer

Since knowledgeable criminals can dismantle towing packages quickly and connect trailers to their own vehicles, it's a good idea to have GPS tracking devices. These are small devices that can be hidden and tracked via an app or over the Internet. The rental company may have GPS tracking devices as an optional add-on. If not, you can pick up a GPS tracking device at any electronics store. It's a good idea to place the tracking device in the vehicle that is inside the trailer, as well as one in the trailer. That way, both can get tracked down if they are stolen together but separated later.

Get Insurance Coverage from the Rental Company

Unless your personal vehicle insurance policy specifically states that trailers and their contents would be covered in case of theft or an accident, opt for the insurance coverage the rental company will offer you when you pick up the car hauler. It's always better to be over-protected than not have enough protection, especially when you are traveling long distances. Be sure, however, that the insurance that is provided does cover theft in addition to collision. If not, speak with your personal insurance agent to add it to your personal policy.

For more tips and options, communicate with a car hauling company, such as Route 12 Rental Co Inc., for their advice.

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