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6 Reasons to Choose a Class B RV Over a College Dorm Room

Moving away for college comes with a lot of decisions. The typical route involves moving into a campus dorm room, but you are open to plenty of alternative options. One of these options is a Class B RV. Essentially a camper van, these RVs can be parked in standard student spots and have essentially the same amenities as a dorm room. As you weigh your options, learn about six benefits to choosing a Class B RV over a dorm room.

Lower Costs

One of the biggest parts of your decision-making should be the costs. According to multiple websites, the average price of yearly room and board for college can cost upwards of $9,000. Over the course of four years, this can later add up to $36,000. This price is only exclusive to on-campus housing. Paying for off-campus house rentals or apartments usually includes an increase in pricing. This also doesn't cover additional costs if you choose to stay for summer courses or extended years in college.

Instead of paying the money for a temporary home, you could invest that money into payments towards a Class B RV for sale. When shopping for used RVs, you can usually find a camper van for less than $30,000 that will last you for more years than the actual college experience.

Healthier Cooking

Dorm rooms are often limited to a microwave and the closest restaurants that offer delivery. Instead of completely changing your diet and gaining the dreaded "Freshmen 15," a Class B RV has numerous dining options. When you shop for the RV, you can find a variety of cooking options that go beyond a microwave. Unlike dorm room regulations, these cooking appliances are approved for use inside out of the RV.

Examples of appliances include small ovens, toaster ovens, and small stove tops. This allows you to cook healthy meals, shop for regular groceries, and skip out on the processed foods that are cooked through the microwave.

Flexible School Vacations

During summer and winter breaks, dorm complexes are often closed or limited to select students. During this time, you have to pack up and find another place to stay. When you own an RV, the transition to school vacations comes a lot easier. Instead of packing up a dorm, you have the ability to just drive off campus and head back home. This also helps you plan out various school vacations. For example, you can simply drive off to the beach and still have your belongings with you.

Visiting family is easy as well. Instead of moving back into your home, the RV can be used as your place during the holiday season. It makes it easy to keep track of items and visit family members all over the country.

Effective Studying

Dorm rooms are not the ideal location for studying. Often, you have to share a room, and you are surrounded by many other rooms and students. At the end of a long and social day, an RV is the ideal place to enjoy some isolation while you study for courses and tests. Flip down tables, bunk beds, and other RV features give you plenty of places to read, take notes, or study digital lectures.

During the day, RV skylights provide you with natural light to study with. It can create a relaxing atmosphere for your studying needs.

Easier Access to Class Locations

Getting to a class on time can mean trekking it all the way across campus and getting winded before you even take a seat. Instead of constantly worrying, you can take advantage of your RV. By parking next to the building of your next class, you can rest and relax. Then it will only take a few minutes to reach class. This is especially helpful if you want to relax before a big test or assignment.

Campus Festivities

An RV has several benefits for when attending campus festivities. Whether it's a tailgating party, frat party, or concert, your RV has many privileges. You have access to your own private bathroom, can quickly access a change of clothes, and you do not have to worry about driving drunk or finding a ride back to a dorm when you can sleep right in the RV.

As you plan out your first year in college, see how the RV life can work to your advantages. It can become a memorable part of the college experience and really change the way you continue your education. Learn more about your RV options by contacting companies like Fretz RV.

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