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Get A Car Wash Before Heading On A First Date

Maintaining your vehicle's condition is something that you may invest time and effort into throughout the year, but you may not mind when the car builds up a bit of dirt and grime. If you normally clean the vehicle once or twice a month, depending on the car's dirtiness, you may want to make an exception when you are about to go on a first date with someone.


After planning a first date, you may know that you have a few days or a week to get ready. Washing the car after confirming the date is not a great idea, because the vehicle will likely pick up enough dirt and grime to need washing again. If you do not have much free time to spare leading up to the first date, you should consider getting your car washed the day beforehand.

When free time is not an issue, you may want to do it several hours before going on the date. This will maximize the vehicle's cleanliness and help you make a great impression.


At the very least, you should look to get a deep cleaning for the car's exterior. This means that you want the body panels, tires, and wheels to look glossy. Getting a clear coat protectant is a smart idea, because it will protect your vehicle's appearance for a short period of time. It will almost guarantee that the car stays attractive, even if a day has passed since the washing.

If you know that your date will be getting into your vehicle, you will not want to pass up a thorough vacuuming, to make sure the entire car looks clean. The flooring, seats, and seat belts are parts that you want to be spotless, so that they do not get your clothes dirty.

Air Freshener

With a thorough car wash, you will likely have the opportunity to pick from numerous air freshener choices. While you could pass this service up and rely on your car smelling good on its own, you may not want to take any chances. However, going on a first date means that your chances of knowing what scents your date likes are slim, which means you are forced to guess.

In this situation, you may want to show off what you like, in terms of scent, and ask for a light application so that the vehicle does not have any overwhelming smell.

Getting a car wash is an excellent way to prepare for a first date.

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