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2 Diesel Issues You Should Know How To Fix

Diesel engines have their own unique issues that they deal with. If you own a diesel vehicle, you need to be aware of some of the corks of diesel engines that you need to watch out for, as well as how to take action and fix these issues.

#1 Oxidized Oil

If you have multiple vehicles that you drive, and you only drive your diesel truck for specific reasons, it can be easy to let your truck sit ideal for a long period of time. However, sitting ideal is not good for your truck. The longer your truck sits without being used, the easier it is for air to get into your engine. When air gets into your engine, it can cause some serious damage.

Air gets into the oil and causes the oil to oxidize. When the oil oxidizes, bubbles are created in the oil. These bubbles are not good news. The bubbles can make it difficult for your oil to create the needed lubrication with your engine. This can damage your engine.

If you have let your truck sit for a few months without turning it on at all, the first thing you need to do when you start using your truck again is to get the oil changed. Change the oil even if it is nowhere near the recommended mileage or time, as sitting can lead to oxidation which can cause problems that cost a lot more than the price of an oil change to fix.

#2 Humidity

Another thing that can damage your diesel engine is humidity. Water getting into your engine is just as bad as air. When water gets into your engine, it can also have a negative impact on the lubrication of the oil in your engine. Water can also cause and contribute to the oxidation process described above.

The properties of diesel fuel increase the likelihood that the water will get into your fuel reserve if your vehicle is left idle for an extended period of time, as diesel fuel absorbs water from the environment. If you leave your vehicle ideal for an extended period of time, you need to change the oil and refill the gas.

One way to deal with humidity and water is by making sure that you are driving, or at least turning on, your truck on a regular basis. Another way is to have a water separator installed on your engine if your truck doesn't already have one. If you have a water separator installed, make sure that you drain the water out of it on a regular basis.

If you want your diesel engine and transmission to work effectively, you want to make sure that you take proper care of your engine. Don't let your vehicle sit idle as this can have grave consequences for your engine. For more information, contact your local transmission shop.

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