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Lighting Up The Dashboard: When You Should Follow Through On Warning Lights

The dashboard warning lights should all light up when you turn on your car. Then they blink out. This is normal when the electrical current triggers the lights in your vehicle's dashboard. What is not normal is when the lights stay on or when they come on and stay on while you are driving the vehicle. Here are some examples of why this happens and how to follow through with what the warning lights tell you.

The "Check Oil" Light Comes on Frequently

This is a pretty legitimate reason to follow what the dashboard light says, especially if you do not remember the last time you had an oil change. As soon as it is convenient, pull over and find your oil dipstick. Pull it out, wipe it clean, reinsert it, pull it out again and read the stick. Chances are, you are probably low on oil. If the oil light stays on, you are probably out of oil completely, and your engine is struggling to function without the oil. Put a quart of oil in and get moving again. If you repeatedly experience this cycle, see a mechanic to make sure you do not have a major oil leak.

The "Check Engine" Light Refuses to Turn Off

A "check engine" light that refuses to turn off is often one of two things. It is either a short in the wiring in your dash, or there are some legitimate problems inside the engine. Usually your timing belt or serpentine belt needs to be replaced, and that is why the "check engine" light is on. Rather than ignore the light or dismiss it as a short in the wiring, have your engine checked anyway. Serpentine and timing belts wear out quickly, and without them, your car will break down and need to be towed. While you still can, it pays to avoid the towing fee and just have a mechanic take a look.

The "Engine Temp" Light Goes on and Stays on While Driving

There is a little light in the dash of most cars that depicts a thermometer. This is your engine temp light. It lets you know when your engine is running too hot. If it goes on and stays on while you are driving, you should pull over and let your car cool down for a bit. If the light goes back on when you start driving again, you should head for an automotive store where you can have the coolant checked and refilled as needed.

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